A Company President's Daughter Kidnapping Case!
shachou reijou yukai jiken
Case Closed title: The Kidnapped Debutante

After regaining consceinceness, Shinichi discovers that he shrunk into a little boy! Dr. Agasa couldn't believe that the little boy in fron of Shinichi's house was really Shinichi...until the young boy deduced that Dr. Agasa just came running from Colombo restaurant in the rain.

Once inside Shinichi's home, Shinichi dressed into clothes that weren't wet and big:his clothes from elementary school. Dr. Agasa warned Shinichi of telling people who he really is. If one of the men in black were to find out, the people around him would be hurt. Just then Ran came in. Shinichi hid behind the desk and put a pair of his dad's glasses on. There was a noise behind the desk, and Ran curious as to who it could be, looks behind the desk.

"He's so cute! Who is this kid? asks Ran.

"My distant relative," replies Dr. Agasa.

"What's your name?" Ran asked Shinichi.

"My name is Shin...no...um, uh... Conan! My name is Conan Edogawa!"

And somehow, Dr. Agasa convinced Ran to take home Conan and take care of him...with great protest from Shinichi/Conan at first. Ran's father was a detective, and some information about the men in black might come it!

On the way to Ran's home, Ran tells Conan how she likes a guy in her school. Conan asks her if it's Shinichi, the one she was looking for earlier...with a smile, she answers yes. Conan turns bright red! Not being able to keep the truth from someone he likes, Conan decided to tell Ran the truth...and they were almost knocked over by Ran's father, Kogoro. A case finally came in after half a year, a kidnapping case! A man in black kidnapped a company president's daughter! When Conan heard the words man in black he sprung into the taxi along with Kogoro, Ran following.

The kidnapping victim's name was Akiko Tani, 10 years old. The butler was the only one who saw the kidnapping, which happened in the backyard. Conan being so short now, couldn't see the picture of the girl until Kogoro's hand was brought down. The demand was that is the president shut down his company for one month. If he reported the kidnapping to the police, his daughter would be dead.

. Conan, really being Shinichi, Heisei's version of Sherlock Homes, stepped in and asked questions to the butler. His efforts received a hit from Kogoro, the first of many to come. The maids didn't hear a sound, leaving the only witness being the butler. On top of the demand the butler was told, the kidnapper now wanted 3 hundred million yen.

Something didn't add up in Conan's mind. Why would someone kidnap a child from the backyard of her own home? It would be easier to just kidnap her when she's coming back from school. Conan started kicking around the ball Akiko was playing with right before her kidnapping when a large dog came barking out at Conan. The dog didn't attack Conan, instead, he began licking Conan's face.

"Incredible! Jumbo normally doesn't like people other than the people of this house," said Akiko's father.

If the kidnapper escaped from the backyard, the dog would have barked! "This dog likes to bark at other people, huh?" asked Conan, dropping a hint to Kogoro. Picking up on that hint, while thinking it was his own deducing powers, Kogoro asked the butler why the watchdog didn't bark when the kidnapper climbed up the tree in his escape. The butler finally broke down and told the master that he was the one who kidnapped Akiko and he was the only one who kidnapped her. She was safely nearby. Just then, a call came from the kidnapper demanding if the 3 hundred million was ready. Akiko shouted over the phone that she was at a school where you could see one smoke stack. With that Conan took off riding on top of the dog.

Running around the city, Conan couldn't figure out which school Akiko was at. Just then he noticed a high rise building...looking from one side appeared to make it look like a smoke stack! This was it! And there was a school right across from it!

Inside the one of the rooms was Akiko, tied up and about to be killed, when Conan and Jumbo arrived. Jumbo jumped on the kidnapper and Conan helped the girl.

"Who are you?" asked Akiko.

"Shinichi Kudo...I mean, Conan Edogawa! I'm a detective!" replied Conan.

Just then, Jumbo whimpered and ran off. It look like Conan was going to have to defend Akiko himself. But being a kid, Conan's kicks weren't powerful enough to hurt the man. Just when things looked like it was the end, Ran came to the rescue using her ultra cool karate moves! Jumbo lead Ran and her father along with Akiko's father to Conan and Akiko!

Back at Akiko's house, things were explained. Akiko felt that her father wasn't giving enough attention from him, so with the help of the butler, she staged a plot to bring the company to a halt so she could spen time with her father. Upon hearing this, her father decided to go to Australia with his precious daughter!

On the way home, Kogoro decided to allow Conan to say with them, since it seemed like he was good luck. Conan then began elementary school....again...

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