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"Where can I buy Conan stuff?" you ask? Well, ask no more!

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Anime Pages of Interest!!!
Lots of Conan stuff here! (And then some)

Web Sunday
Shounen Sunday's Offical site! Get cool Conan information and a awesome desktop picture!

Yomiuri TV Station's Conan Page
Updated weekly, it's the tv station that airs Conan in Japan, new episodes practically every week! Usually including a cool picture!

Conan News Agency
The Offical Web Site to Detective Conan run by one of Aoyama-sensei's assistant!

Case Closed
Cartoon Network's page for Case Closed (US title).

Publishers of the US version of Detective Conan (under Case Closed title)

Get anime news from this great website!

Anime West
They're fansubbing the first and second Conan movies. They DO NOT DISTRIBUTE. Plus, they're not finished with it yet.

Newtype Animation Fansubbing Page
The fansubbers of the tv series!

Anime Web Turnpike

La page de Dagron sur Detective Conan le manga de Gosho Aoyama (French)

Kaicho's Homepage (Japanese)

Meitantei Conan's Page (Spanish)

Pagina de Detective Conan (Spanish)

Detective Conan Web Ring

Pheonix's Page

Anime Art-Shoujo Manga, Anime, and More

Aka Tombo Conan Song Lyrics Page

petitte Homepage (Korean)

Detective Conan EdogaWEB (French)

Addicted to Conan



Fengweb's Detective Conan

#Shi-Fa Homepage

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