I will try to put information here when something happens in the Conan world and when I update these pages.

Not the most recent file, but it's from the last one that I bought at the store. Enjoy the first 2 pages. ^^

I'm alive!! I'm sorry for those who were expecting me to continue with my quick translation turnovers, but real life takes precedence. Currently I have an extremely sweet setup at home so I'm thinking about going back into translation. I haven't bought any Shonen Sundays recently b/c of my work schedule, this week has be very hectic. Hopefully I'll be able to get myself to the bookstore to buy Shonen Sundays again. I really hate disappointing fellow DC fans.

Finished Files 503 and 504. Both are up :)
On a side note, yesterday my web site went down because of the excessive amount of traffic it received. 2.92 GB of traffic to be exact. Please, if you read this, do me a favor and don't directly link from my jpegs to your (or a different) site. It creates unnecessary and causes my site to go down to cut down on excessive bandwidth usage (thus saving me money in the long run) and prevents others from getting to the pictures I have on my site. I do get 60 GB of traffic a month, but I also have a daily allotment that if I exceed my site goes down. If you come here, please enter from the Manga page or from the front door (index page). And please don't spam reload my site as that can create unnecessary traffic also. Thank you.

Finished File 502. Started File 503. Playing Mario Power Tennis now :) Poor Susperia is stuck in Valkurm Dunes as a black mage and no warp scroll so I might wait till the weekend to play with her again... ;_;

Finished File 501. Sorry to take a while... Thanksgiving, I sat at home and played a lot of FFXI...

Finished File 500. I do say it's a very good translation. A friend on #beika-cho helped me out also :)

Woo, put up a partial scanlation of File 499, and raw scans of File 499 and 500. Go check out the manga section if you wanna see :)

On a side note, there are people who are posting my translations on other Conan websites. I would like for them to stop. If people want to read about Conan, they should come here. :P

Put the summary of episode 54 online. You can find it here. Also I'll be scanning manga files in from Shonen Sunday. I haven't decided where they would be uploaded to.

Sorry, work's been very busy and I have other various activities, too. Gomen! Anyways, I finished File 479 manga translation. Next should be File 480.

I was not lying when I said I was planning on reviving this site! Check out the manga section, way at the bottom are the newest case files from Shonen Sunday translated for personal use only. I am actually in the middle of the translation for the first file that sets off the rest of the story. I've also started adding anime episode listings from the newest ones. I will fill in the gaps in the current listing when I get the chance.

I found a new home! Woot! Planning to bring it back to life. Stay tuned for more!

I did some standard updating, episodes, songs, etc. I translated and romanized the new Mai Kuraki song, too.

Shounen Sunday came with the 5th movie poster! Scanned and ready to be viewed upon!

A new Detective Conan CD! The Best of Detective Conan. There is a track listing, too. Go check it out in the Songs section!

Just some episode listing additions. I added two you knows, sent by El Mangaman. ^^

New song upload! Secret of my heart, and a romanized text version of it, too! I haven't translated it yet, tho :P

I have some wonderful summaries done by Christopher See up. They're from the 6 part series where Shinichi comes back! Go check them out! Thank you Christopher!

I got off my lazy butt long enough to translate the latest episode listings for the tv series. Yeay. However, the story summarys aren't done. Sorry. I decided to that if anyone wants to request a Conan song or BMG track that I have, I'll accept them. The turn around time for those can be between 1 week to never though. Lazy!!!! I admit it! Gomen!

I decided I'm going to romanize the songs as much as possible, but due to the amount of school work and work in general I have, it might still be slow in the translation sectiong. gomen, ne...

I did so much stuff, that I don't remember, really. I changed the music, added another episode summary, put more pictures...or just rescanned the image. I don't remember! ^_^; Just explore and find out, okay?
6 new pictures in the gallery! And also, I posted mp3's in the music section.

Added two more links.

I posted a translated version of "giri-giri chop" by B'z. Translation done by Azzurro! Thank you for letting my borrow it! ^_^

I finished the complete summary version of the second movie, it comes with victim names and pictures, too! Yeah!

Yahhooo! Sorry I haven't been doing much. :P But I finally translated Truth by TWO-MIX and it's up. I also put two, (I think...it was done a week ago...) Shonen Sunday summaries of the anime episodes. I'm working on translating one of the two parters, but all of a sudden, projects were due and I had to stop. I thought I should at least put up a song, ne? ^_^; Gomen, ne minna-san!

School has started for me and I've been working on other things and various Conan projects, mostly that has to do with my new scanner (do I detect more images? Hmm....) and stuff. And I am translating stories, but the going gets slow when it comes to taped stuff. I don't know why, but I wait 2 months after I get video tapes to watch it. Don't ask me why. I have Early Edition waiting to be watched and some other stuff. Well, right now, I'm going to concentrate on school, 'cause it would be a very unhappy thing if I got bad grades. Anyways, I've made a new image for the main page, hopefully you like it and that it doesn't look too terrible on PC's (I'm on a mac, long live the one button mouse!).

Happy New Year! I hope everyone is enjoying the new year so far! If you're wondering where I've been, I've been playing Xenogears for the past 3 weeks, and finally, after over 70 hours, I beat the game! I like the ending theme song. Great game, very addictive. Anyways, now for more important stuff. The goodies section is not up and running. There's only one thing there right now, but fear not! There will be more, whether they tickle your funny bone or not is beside the point. It's going to be there, so stay tuned, netizens!

Yay! It's the new look! There are a lot of stuff that needs to be done, so, please be patient. Finals are over (almost), so I have a lot more time on my hands, but that doesn't mean, I don't have stuff to do. I have plenty of stuff to do. *_*;

There's going to be another OP coming out on single on November 26! And it's from TWO-MIX! It's called "TRUTH~DETECTIVE OF LOVE"!

I also added the some of the CD's that were missing in the music list. The newest single is by Miho Komatsu, last one for the ED so far...OKAY OKAY! I've been out of it for a while! I'm in college! I have stress to take care of!!!! @_@;;;;;

Great news! Anime West is going to be fansubbing the first and, if all goes well, the second Conan movie also! They're in the priliminary stages of translating right now, so it might take a while! Cool!

Put up audio of unmei no ROULETTE wo mawasite, yeah!

I put a summary of the second movie, The Fourteen Target, in the movies section. It was a good movie. Yes, it was released on video recently! Yeah!

New opening song by ZARD released in Japan on Sept. 17! It also contains a song from the movie, "jyuuyonbanme no TARGET." I will get the song soon and post it when I get the chance.

I added recommendation of 3 of the episodes, and made it possible to see how many visitor have come.

Okay, so I'm bad at posting stuff. I posted the the first four opening and closing theme songs in au. I am not going to post any wav, mpeg, etc.

Changed music to kimi ga ireba, zipped wav file.

Finished the translation and posted first Conan movie! Yahoo!

Posted translation of Happy Birthday

Changed the music, stuffed AU file.

Added 7 more pictures, you go girl!

Added 6 new pictures. Yeah!

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