A Game Company's Murder Case
geimu gaisha satsujin jiken

[Translated from the Japanese manga version]

Conan, Ran , and Kogoro are invited to Mantendo's annoucement event held at Baker Hotel. Turns out Kogoro is going to be in a game where the player has to solve a mystery and Kogoro appears to drop hints, something similiar to what Conan is doing with Kogoro. Kogoro being the lover of the drink, had too many the night before and is suffering from a hangover names off all the drinks he had... two of them being gin and vodka... Conan, hearing Gin and Vodka's name, remembers his oath to track down the members of the Black Organization.

While waiting in line at the coat check in, they meet up with Hideaki Nakajima (27), Mantendo developer. Nakajima reintroduces himself as the one who introduced the idea of "The Great Detective, Kogoro Mouri's Mansion of Sleuth". Kouji Ueda (27), Mantendo developer, appears from behind making comments about Nakajima being a rat for taking his idea and presenting it before him. He also makes a comment about not only taking ideas but another person's woman, the woman being that of Hironobu Takeshita (27), Mantendo developer. Takeshita tells Ueda to let it go because it was back in their college days. Ueda tells Nakajima that he'll forgive him because it seems Nakajima has debt collectors after him.

Kogoro receives number 96 from the cloak room. Takeshita realizes that they're late and moves to the front of the cloak room line, Ueda follows. Nakajima goes in front of Ran, also. Ran notices that they all have the same briefcases, but they make a snide comment about their boss being the only one who still carries it regularly. Takeshita, Ueda, and Nakajima receives their cloak room tags and run off to prepare for the conference. Ran gets number 100. Lucky!

At the conference, Ran beats Conan in a fighting game. They next look at a boxing game that Takeshita is helping out at. Takeshita invites Nakajima to have a hit at it. Nakajima gets 348. Turns out Nakajima was a good boxer in college. Takeshita invites Ran to try it out, that it's a good stress reliever. Ran interested in relieving stress. Ran punches the game shouting "Hurry and come home, Shinichi!!!" and gets 400. Conan gets scared and decide to go to the restroom instead. Nakajima accompanies Conan. In the hallway towards the restroom they both run into a big man dressed in black. Conan asks Nakajima if he's part of the comany, Nakajima answers that he doesn't think so.

In the restroom, Nakajima tells Conan that the three of them were in the same college boxing club together. Ueda comes in and adds that until Nakajima quit in the middle of it. Nakajima gives Ueda a dirty look.

Outside the restroom, Conan sees the man in black retrieving a briefcase from the cloak room and his tag is 98. The man in black doesn't have a necktie pins like the rest of the employees. Conan decides to get tomato juice for Kogoro's hangover and overhears the man in back's telephone conversation with Vodka. Tequila then tells Vodka that every went well and that he'll be over there in the evening. Conan drops his change purse by accident, but uses it as an excuse to place a tracker on the bottom of Tequila's shoe.

Tequila goes into the restroom and Conan overhears him say "He, what? What's up, can't get in... it's open" Conan thinking it might be the door to the restroom stall. The restroom blows up. Conan runs into the restroom and sees Tequila's shoe.

Megure and the police arrive. It looks like it's a terrorist bombing, set up in one of the toilet stalls. Only one man was a victim of the bomb. Megure asks if anyone saw anything. Conan says that he heard. The man who died was someone with a Kansai accent. President of Mantendo tells Megure that he received a threatening letter a few days earlier to stop the conference. One of the police investigators find a outwardly bent Mantendo emblem and a key. Conan does some investigation on his own. He realizes that the cloak room tag that Tequila had was exchaned with someone elses, the bomber's. He asks the cloak room attendant if anyone else got their belongings, no one but the man in black did. Conan tries to tell Megure the truth, but is stopped by two police officers.

Ran finds Conan, sees that Conan is injured, pulls out a handkerchief to wipe off the blood on his face. Two cloak room tags fall out from her pocket. One is Ran, the other is Kogoro's. The bomber is one of the three in between 96 and 100. But why would the bomber kill the victim at Mantendo's conference. Things could go wrong and it would be easy to figure out who actually was the killer. Conan then realizes that he might have made a grave mistake in his line of thought. At the cloak room, Takeshita turns in tag 99, Ueda turns in tag 97, and Nakajima turns in tag 124.

Conan realizes the truth to the events.

Next was to put Kogoro to sleep, but his anethesia needle hits Ran's butt instead. She doesn't fall asleep because the cloak room tags are in back pocket. Conan tries to retrieve the needle, but touches Ran's butt by accident. Ran yells out "What are you trying to do, pervert?!" and back kicks, almost hitting Conan. She hits her dad instead, which completely knocks him out. Conan uses this instead of the needle.

Conan (as Kogoro) tells Megure that the real murderer is still in the building and that by opening the Nakajima's briefcase all will be revealed. Nakajima doesn't want to open his briefcase, Takeshita doesn't want him to open it either. Ueda forces the briefcase open. Takeshita yells out loud and ducks for cover and money falls out of the briefcase. What happened was, at the beginning of the day, Nakajima knew that he couldn't have a cloack tag number that differed too much from Nakajima's, it would be too obvious, that's why he cut in line in front of Ran. And then during the conference Takeshita invites Nakajima to play the boxing game, Nakajima hands his coat to Takeshita. Takeshita switches their cloak tags so Nakajima would have the briefcase with the bomb. When Conan and Nakajima go to the restroom, they bump into Tequila and Nakajima exchanges cloak tags and keys. Tequila picks up the briefcase with the bomb and goes into the restroom to open it. The bomb goes off and kills the wrong person. Takeshita confesses that he didn't realize that that bomb was his. He even went so far as to write a threat letter. Takeshita accuses Nakajima of killing Yoshimi. Yoshimi was the manager of the boxing club in college. When she was dumped by Nakajima, she commited suicide. But before thatYoshimi and Takeshita were a couple since middle school. Conan presses Nakajima for more information, since Tequila was killed, the men in black organization were bound to go after him. Nakajima doesn't know anything other than they always met at the Daikoku Building's top floor bar called "Cocktail".

Conan runs off to the Daikoku Building, as he's reaching the top floor, an explosion goes off from the coctail lounge. In the end Conan has no leads. Nakajima traded the names of all the top computer programmers for money, but since the explosion was so great at the Daikoku Building, there was nothing left for Conan to follow.

[Note: US and Japanese version differences. Names Hideaki Nakajima = Henry Nelbit, Kouji Ueda = Kelvin Tug, Hironobu Takeshita = Charles Shore, Ishikawa = George Fuman. In the Japanese version, Tequila speaks with a Kansai dialect. Kansai is the area of Japan where Osaka and Kyoto reside in. In the US version, Tequila speaks with a Boston or New York accent in the US version. Cocktail = Cherriot Lounge, Daikoku Building = Apollo Building. Original Japanese opening ("Nazo" by Miho Komatsu) has the first part of the opening song finish on time for sponsor credits and start of the show, US Detective Conan opening version cuts off the song due to the fact that the song starts later. Case Closed opening translated and sung in English (bad translation). Ending song ("Hikari to kage no roman" by Keiko Utoku) is intact as far as I can tell. Case Closed has the ending theme song sung in English. ]

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