An Idol's Locked Room Murder Case!
aidoru misshitsu satsujin jiken
Case Closed title: Beware of Idols


Yoko Okino
A popular idol, Kogoro Mouri is a big (and I mean BIG) fan of hers

Yoko Okino's manager.

Yuuko Ikezawa
Yoko Okino's rival.

The murder victim.

An idol needs a detective's help when someone breaks into her home and gives her prank calls. Kogoro Mouri, a big fan of hers, sets out to solve the case. Instead of a simple case of pranksters, it turns to murder when a body is found in the idol's apartment. All the evidence points to everyone. Detective Megure thinks Yoko Okino is the murderer, Kogoro Mouri, blinded the the idol's shine, thinks it's Yoko's rival, Yuuko Ikezawa, and Conan thinks there are too many mysteries to solve this one yet.

When Conan discovers the a weird dent in the wooden floor, he realizes that it isn't a murder, but a suicide. With the help of an ashtray to knock out Kogoro Mouri, Conan uses a voice changing necktie to solve the Kogoro Mouri.

It turns out, Yoko Okino and the suicide victim were a couple during high school and when Yoko became a star, the Fujie dumped the request of Yamagishi, the manager... Because Yuuko felt that she was being upstaged by Yoko Okino, she wanted to get some dirt on Yoko, so she stole the matching keys to Yoko's room and dug through her things and gave prank calls to Yoko. Yuuko Ikezawa, from the back, looks similar to Yoko, and when Fujie came to Yoko's apartment to talk about them, he found the Yuuko instead. When Fujie attacked Yuuko, she became scared and ran away. The boyfriend mistook it as something else and in a fit of anger and depression, killed himself...while making it look like a murder.

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