The Case of the Coded Map of the City!

dai tokai angou MAP jiken
Case Closed title: Fish Marks the Spot

Summary by James Nutley. Thank you!!


The Detective Boys
Three Mafia thugs, one of them Japanese

The story starts at the museum, Conan and the kids, Ayumi-chan, Genta-kun, and Mitsuhiko-kun, have just finished checking out a bunch of treasures. Apparently both the British Crown Jewels and the Treasures of King Tut's Tomb traveling exhibits were in the Tokyo Metro Museum that day. On the way out Conan tells the kids there are lots of lost treasures in the world still waiting to be found. Just then a long piece of paper with a cryptic set of symbols is blown in front of the kids. There's no stopping the three kids from deciding that this is a treasure map. Conan develops a splitting headache. A short distance away, three men in dark suits watch the kids with unsavory interest.

Meanwhile, the news is full of reports of an Italian Mafia Don and a fortune in Canadian Gold Coins that are missing.

Persuaded to help, Conan leads the kids to Tokyo Tower, where he first notices the three adults following them. The code on the 'map' is proving hard to break. Fruitless searching of clothing stores ends with the kids being thrown out and yelled at three different times.

Conan convinces the kids to check out a book store and combs the English to Japanese dictionaries for the word 'Oro' which is the only word on the paper. On a whim he checks an Italian Dictionary and learns that the word translates to 'Gold'.

Conan is serious now. While the Kids chow down at a burger joint, he fills a scratch pad with attempts to decode the paper. Then Ayumi-chan sees a sign shaped just like one of the symbols on the paper. Even Conan is convinced that the paper is a 'list' of signs and the kids go chasing toward an aquarium. The hunch fizzles out and the Sun goes down. At this point Conan puts it together.

The paper is a list of Neon signs, only clearly visible at night. Returning to Tokyo tower, the kids with only a few false steps, soon find the gold.

At this point the Mafia Thugs jump them and tie them up. Things look grim, and each of the kids is imagining a sad fate, when Conan rallies them and the four of them manage to drop the gold on the thugs heads. The go to the police and the crooks are captured, the gold recovered. The kids get official recognition from the police force as the 'Detective Boys'.

After the credits: Ran is praising the four of them and Genta-kun, and Mitsuhiko-kun each try to take credit. Ayumi-chan wont let them get away with it though, and so she tells Ran that Conan did it all and proceeds to kiss Conan on the cheek. Ran smiles and comments on how Conan has a cute girlfriend (A Triangle! Just what Shinichi needs, Ne?). Genta-kun, and Mitsuhiko-kun are each thinking to themselves *Conan, you bastard...!*

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