The Case of the Once-A-Month Present Threat
tsuki ichi purezento kyouhaku jiken

At the Mouri Detective Office, a man comes in with an arm load of toys. The man, Ogawa,is a doctor at a nearby hosipital. Appearently, the man is sent used toys and 1,000,000 yen (about $10,000 in US currency) every month by an unknown person. The toys he gives to his 5-year-old son, but he couldn't touch the money because it felt too weird. This month, he just received a sum of 20,005,000,000 yen (about $200,050,000) along with a letter. No toys, however.

They go to the hospital, there thy find morning glories waiting for Ogawa. They were sent last year on the same day, February 19th. Ran comments morning glories to have the meaning "hopeless love" in flower words. Kogoro suggest maybe a love interest gone sour, but Ogawa denies that possiblity. Conan asks if it's possibly a former patient. Ran looks at Conan suspiciously. Ogawa goes to find the patient charts for February 19th.

Kogoro examines the charts that Ogawa was in charge at the hospital for the three years. Kogoro and Ogawa goes to another part of the hospital to look at some more stuff relating to the patients. Conan decides to stay in the room. Ran spies on Conan and sees him going through the charts at an incredible speed, reminding her of Shinichi. She also realizes that Conan appeared right after Shinichi's disappearance. Ran sneaks up on Conan and asks him what he's looking at. Surprised, Conan begins to explain. He looked for any patients who either had an operation, was admitted, or discharged on February 19. It came down to 8 patients, but he couldn't figure out what the morning glory meant. Ran finds it incredible and calls him Shinichi. Shinichi accepts the compliment until he realizes that Ran just called him Shinichi. He freaks out and profusely denies being Shinichi. Ran doesn't buy it. Just then, Conan sees the toys that Ogawa received and begins to play with it like a child. Ran just sees this as being more suspicious. She turns red at the thought. Conan asks Ran if she likes to play the game, but she just blows up at the word "like." On the Game Man, the name Tomoya Ogino is saved in the game files. Taking that name, Conan checks to see if the names appears in one of the charts and it does. He tells Ran to call her dad and Ogawa immediately and she sees more Shinichi likeness.

Ogawa mentions that the patient was a little boy who died from apendicitis. The boy was admitted to the hospital too late, but his father wouldn't hear of it and blamed the doctor for the boy's death. The toys weren't just used, they were the deceased boy's toys. The flowers are to indicate the anniversary of the boy's death. They also mean the day that the patient's father is going to take the life of the doctor's son. Ogawa immediately calls home. His wife says that the school said the father picked up the boy. Conan asks where the kindergarden is, somewhere nearby.

They go to the park near it. At the park, a man gives the son a present. He promises the take the boy somewhere wonderful, somehwhere Tomoya will have a friend. He pulls out a knife and is about the kill the boy, but Conan kicks a soccer ball toward the knife and knocks it out of his hand. Ogawa trys to reason with Ogino, but he is angry at the doctor for his own son's death. He took the insurance money, the toys, and the morning glory that the son loved so much and sent them to Ogawa. He wanted Ogawa to know how it feels to lose a son who just turned 5. Ogawa begs for the man to take his life instead. Ogawa's son turns around and says thank you to Ogino for all the toys he's sent him. He cherished them all. With that, Ogino breaks down and cries. Ogawa decide not to call the police.

As the three walk home, Ran comments about Conan great detective work, Conan runs off saying he remembered something that he had to do, and Kogoro is just as out of it as ever.

When Conan returns home, Kogoro's out drinking again. Ran's about to cook dinner. She starts talking about a P.E. teacher who's about to get married, and Conan responds by commenting on the gorilla teacher. Ran knows that Conan is Shinichi now and tries to get Conan to confess when the phone rings. She picks it up and Shinichi is on the other line. It's really Agasa with the voice changing neck tie. Ran comments that Shinichi's talking like an old geezer, but at least it takes Conan off the hook.

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