Karaoke Box Murder Case

karaoke bokkusu satsujin jiken

Translated from the manga version


Detective Megure
Tatsuya Kimura, vocal of REX (rekkusu)
Mieko Shibazaki, guitar of REX
Katsumi Yamada, drums of REX
Mari Terahara, managers of REX
Gou Sumii, Karaoke Box store manager

After a horrifying weekend at Sonoko's villa, Sonoko invites Ran and Conan to meet the singer of the rock band "Rex," Tatsuya Kimura. Ran and Sonoko are excited but Conan is somewhat rejected but the girls' attitude.

Next Sunday at the Karaoke Box, Ran and Sonoko sit quietly as the members of the rock band drink beer. The band's beautiful manager, Mari Terahara, tell the two that its alright to talk to the band, with that Ran and Sonoko quickly ask Tetsuya if the rumor about Yumiko Koizumi and Tetsuya is true. Tetsuya laughs and tells them not to worry, the rumor is just a promo stunt. Mieko sit quietly holding her beer as if unsure about something when she hears that.

Later on, Ran and Sonoko finish singing and Mieko tells them that they're good. Tetsuya comment they're better than a certain band. Mari tells Tetsuya that he's drinking too much and reminds him that he still has to appear in front of a talk show afterwards. Tetsuya angrily insults Mari, calling her ugly. But Mari is beautiful, proving to Ran and Conan that Tetsuya is drunk.

The next song was Doraemon, choosen by Tetsuya for Katsumi because Katsumi was like Nobuta in his youth. Katsumi sits and takes the insults, clearly unhappy about it though.

Just then Sumii comes in with their food. Sumii was once the leader of their band, but now runs the Karaoke Box instead.

The next song being played was "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer," once again requested by Tetsuya for someone...for Mari who, Tetsuya claimed, believed in Santa during middle school. Tetsuya's tone is meant to hurt Mari, Conan gets very angry at Tetsuya.

To amuse Tetsuya, Mari gets up and begins to sing. Sumii leave speechless, and Conan gets REALLY angry. Conan marches up to Tetsuya to speak his mind, but stops when he sees Tetsuya's sad face. Quickly hiding his sad face, Tetsuya asks Conan if he wants to sing, but Conan turns down the offer. The round of singing continue, songs choosen by Tetsuya, of course.

Mieko begins to cry while singing, conan asks why she's crying and Tetsuya replies because the band is breaking up, Tetsuya is planning to leave. All of a sudden, Tetsuya angrily shouts that that way he doesn't have to be with such a terrible band. Everyone is silent.

Just then the band's song is played, but not requested by Tetsuya. Mari tells Tetsuya its time to go, but Tetsuya tells Mari to shut up and begins to sing as if he's on stage.

"Tetsuya sang his hit song, 'Bloody Venus,' with passion. But no one knew that they would never hear his voice again, other than the murderer, no one knew..."

During his song, Mari made a phone call and Sumii catered to his other customers.

After Tetsuya's song, Ran and Sonoko cheer Tetsuya about his song. Tetsuya then asks Katsumi for a riceball and he obliges by tossing a riceball to Tetsuya. After eating the riceball, Tetsuya licks his finger and chokes up blood. He coughs up more blood and collapses to the flood dead. Conan smells potassium cyanide on Tetsuya's hand and realizes that someone murdered him.

To be continued...

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