Night Baron Murder Case (Puzzle Chapter)
naito baron satsujin jiken (jiken hen)
summary by Xinjuan

Conan runs to the site, uncovers his mask, finding it is Ebara. But he wears only one glove. The inspector dealing with this case is familiar with Mouri, so he intends to talk to him. Kamijo tells him Mouri is in the pub. Conan glimpse at her, finding she has tear in her eyes.

Arrived at the pub, Mouri is found sleeping badly. According to the spectators, the case occured at 10 o'clock. The room of the victim is locked. By entering force, they find the victim's clothes and the key on the ground. The window is open out of which is the balcony. Since Mouri notices the other glove clipped in the parapet, he concludes this is an accident case. Ebara dressed up like Night Baron and just intends to frighten the member living down the floor. When going down from the balcony, falls. But Conan negates that infer, for no one will try to do that at a 21 floor. What's more, the key to the room is still in the room. How can he return his room if he fortunately did it? Mouri is angry about Conan and hits him in the head. That causes Conan's pen falls down.

Not knowing the answer, they go to study the body. Down the building, Conan could not find his pen near the bronze. But Conan finds the body's tie and leather belt have an opposite way to tie, however, the tie Ebara lost on the table is tied normally. So the clothes of Night Baron is dressed up by the real Night Baron.

The body is put in the office, and everyone is inspected. The computer fan appeals that Kamijo and the victim were couples three years ago. But all of their testimony is so vague. After inspection, Akiko, Ran and Conan take a lift to their rooms. In the lift, Conan asks Akiko whether she called the counter. Receiving an affirmatory reply, Conan tells her, there will be a record of time and room number. Hearing this, Akiko becomes nervous.

When the door of the lift open, in front of them, is Night Baron. Ran uses her karate but he dodges her and escapes. Ran freezes there, astonished. Later, Ran and Akiko tell this to Mouri. Just then, it is reported the clothes of the body was robbed and the watcher, who is a karate expert, was hit faint. Later, the clothes are found abandoned in the swimming pool.

Ran sits in her room, shedding tears. She knows the Night Baron in front of her is Maeda, the man whom she admires very much. What can she do with such a good friend?

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