Caught Up with the Great Detective! Two Murder Cases (Two Hour Special) oitsumerareta meitantei! renzoku 2 daisatsujin jiken

First Case
The truth of the brilliant magician's unexpected death!! The month before, a brilliant magician, Motoyasu Tsukumo's death raises a question thus Tsukumo's wife, Nanae, brings a request to Kogoro, Ran, and Conan. Kogoro's conclusion the same as the police, Tsukumo died by his own hand. But, Conan, through his keen eye for detail, and with some help from Ran, realizes that Tsukumo's death wasn't a suicide, but a murder.

Second Case
A 15-year-old reverse grudge? A mystery brought by an inheritance!! Conan is taken away by his mother, Yukiko, to her old friend, Hiromi Yabuuchi's home. Hiromi wanted Yukiko to determine if a Japanese immigrant to Brazil is really who he say he is. Through memories and factual information, Yukiko and Conan listen to the old man's stories...

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