The Disappearing Detective Boys
shounen tanteidan shoushitsu jiken

The Detective Boys go to a school sponsored puppet camp in the mountains. When they arrive, Mitsuhiko has a great time practicing with his puppet while Conan is bored. After dinner, they decide to practice again, but the teacher disappears and so do several of the other kids and their puppets. Mitsuhiko sees someone standing out side and Conan goes to investigate. They find food steps on the ground. The rest of the kids disappear along with their puppets leaving only the Detective Boys. Genta and Ayumi disappear next. When they go to look for some flashlights, they find it missing and the phone lines are cut. Conan and Mitsuhiko run to the next mansion and they see their teacher with all the students held hostage. When they look again, everyone's gone. The two go inside, and discover that the phone is dead. Conan goes upstairs leaving Mitsuhiko downstairs. The light goes out and Conan sees glowing puppets in the air. Someone grabs for Conan and Conan yells for Mitsuhiko to run. Mitsuhiko runs into the forest and he hears his teacher's voice and sees glowing puppets. It turns out that the teacher took the students to the other mansion to do some special training, but he forgot to tell Conan, Mitsuhiko, Genta, and Ayumi about it. Then Genta decides to pull a trick on Mitsuhiko, Mitsuhiko devastated by this runs off into the forest again. A few seconds later Mitsuhiko's screams are heard. It turns out that a thief that has been breaking into empy mansions broke into the ones that the class was staying in. Conan kicks a tree stump and knocks the thief out. In the end, Conan's class was able to have a successful puppet play for their school.

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