The Man Who was Killed Four Times
yonkai korosareta otoko

Conan, Ran, and Kogoro were asked to help by Detective Yokomizo on a case. It turns out that 3 different people (2 men, and 1 woman) confessed to one man's murder. All of them used vases to hit over the head of the victim. All weapons came back positive with the victim's blood. The victim was found on his back clutching his chest.

The morning of the incidents, the victim had a heart attack, he used his medicine to calm it. The medicine was hung in a bottle around his neck.

Conan did his usual run around asking people questions pertaining to the victim, the 3 suspects, and the victim's wife. Kogoro acted like his usual sef-absorbed ignorant self.

When all the evidence came through, Conan shot Kogoro with his stun gun watch, and began his mystery show.

Obviously, all 3 suspects were telling the truth when they said they hit him over the head. It was just that each time he was hit, he regained conciousness. The last person who hit him panicked and dragged the body to the victim's room. When a person is dragged by the legs, the arms normally lift up above his head. But the body was found clutching his heart. It means that when the victim regained conciousness, he had a heart attack. Instead of surviving with the help of the medcine, he died. The victim wouldn't do such a thing as to forget to put more medicine into his little travel case. After his first heard attack, he wnet home to take a shower, where he took off his medicne bottle. That's when someone replaced his medicne with indigestion medicine. The only person who could have done this was his wife, who already said earlier that she had indigestion medicine on her. The wife confessed that she did it. Kogoro wakes up and becomes the hero who solved the case again.

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