The Desperate Revival: A Wounded Great Detective
inochigake no fukkatsu: fushoushita meitantei
summary by Christopher See (Thank you!)
edited by Sasami

(SPOILER WARNING: Reading this series reveals the plots for some of the coolest episodes. I suggest waiting and watching them yourself, so read at your own risk.)

(Apology: Forgive me if some of the things in here are incorrect. My Japanese is only basic, so I have to make guesses at some of the things that happen.)

Conan (of course)
Ran and Kogoro Mouri
Dr. Agasa
Ai Haibara
The Detective Boys
One Head Baddie and two henchmen.

The baddies arrive at the intersection, and see the four different exits from this area. The head baddie chooses one, and along with a hench-baddie, goes down the path to search, leaving the second hench-baddie to stand watch at the intersection. The detective boys haven't actually gone anywhere. They are hiding in a small nook right beside the intersection, as they try to figure out with of the four paths will lead to the exit. It's obvious that time is running out, and that Conan is fading fast.

Back at the camp, it is now getting dark, and Dr. Agasa and Ai start to get worried. For some reason, Ai doesn't use her communicator, but instead they go off searching for the kids, and find their bales of firewood by the cave entrance.

Back at the cave, the baddies have come back from their search of one tunnel (which was a dead end) and begin the search of a next. The detective boys are wracking their brains for all they're worth when, finally, Mitsuhiko realizes the solution to the puzzle (it has something to do with shogi - Japanese Chess). Even so, they still have to get past the guard that is standing in way. Again, Mitsuhiko comes up as the hero, as he throws a communicator right at the guard's feet, sending all the bats flocking towards it. With the guard distracted, they make a mad dash for the exit. The head baddie returns from his search just in time to see the kids running off, and he chases in hot pursuit. The kids make it to the end of the tunnel, but not before the head baddie gets a hold of Conan and pulls him off Genta's back. The police are there, having been summoned by Dr. Agasa, and more police come from inside the cave, having capture the two hench-baddies. They order the head baddie to surRander, but the he takes Conan hostage instead. Luckily, at this point, Conan regains consciousness, and with his last bit of strength, fires a sleeping dart from his watch to disable the head baddie.

Conan is rushed to the hospital, and there, waiting are Ran and Kogoro. Ai and the detective boys are there too, as Conan is rushed into the emergency room. The doctors say that they have a shortage of blood of Conan's type, and at this Ran without blinking, volunteers to donate her own blood (they being of the same blood-type). Unnoticed, Ai gives Ran a wicked stare. Conan wakes in his bed with Kogoro waiting. He learns of Ran's donation of blood, and how she stayed day and night by his bedside.

That night, Conan ponders over what has happened, and thinks of Ran. Suddenly, his hospital room door opens, and he looks up to see a gun pointed at his head. The gun is being held by Ai...

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