The Desperate Revival: The Black Clothed Knight
inochigake no fukkatsu: kuroe no kishi
summary by Christopher See (Thank you!)
edited by Sasami

(Apology: Forgive me if some of the things in here are incorrect. My Japanese is only basic, so I have to make guesses at some of the things that happen.)

Conan (of course)
Ran and Kogoro Mouri
Ai Haibara
Inspector Megure
Heiji Hattori
Sonoko Suzuki
Dr. Araide, school doctor (sensei)
Mai Kougami, audience member
Yumemi Noda, audience member
Youta Mitani, audience member
Kouhei Kamata, audience member
Ayako Ninagawa, 3rd year student at Teitan High School
The Black Clothed Knight

Conan sits in his hospital bed, looking at Ai who has a gun pointed to his head. Ai begins by asking him some questions. She asks him about girlfriends. He responds, "That would be Ran." At this, Ai pulls the trigger.

Recovering from his wince, Conan looks up to see Ai taking the roses that popped out of the trick gun, and putting them into a vase. She explains that if he wants to be with Ran then he has three choices. The first choice is to stay hidden as Conan, and be with her as her "younger brother" for the rest of their lives. The second choice is to reveal his secret to Ran, and hope that she is alright with the huge age difference. The third choice is to...

A couple days later, it is time for Ran's high school drama performance. Kogoro and Kazuha are there, along with Conan, now out of the hospital, but wearing a white facemask to cover his mouth. [Cultural note: In Japan, when people who are sick go out in public, they wear white facemasks so as not to spread germs to others] They sit themselves down, somewhere in the middle of the auditorium. Backstage, Ran is getting all prepared to begin, and is talking to the doctor, the male lead that will be playing the main part opposite her. She's nervous, but ready.

Back to the audience, a woman returns from the drinks line to her two companions (one male, one female) with two ice coffees and a cola. She excuses herself to the washroom, and the other woman divvies up the drinks, one ice coffee to the man, the other to the other woman, and the cola to herself. The man opens the lid of his ice coffee, then shoots an evil stare at a girl serving drinks behind the counter. Just then, the play begins.

Ran appears on stage in a flowing gown, and Kogoro goes wild cheering her on (and embarrassing both Conan and Kazuha). As the play moves on, Ran is attacked by bandits on the road (this time Kazuha going wild), but is saved by The Black Clothed Knight. Before Ran can begin her lines, the Knight holds her. She whispers, "Sensei, this wasn't in the script", when see notices that the sensei is actually standing off stage. She makes a face as to ask what is going on, but, she is urged to continue, and so says her lines thanking him for saving her. And as the two slowly move in for a kiss...

A man screams, and dies on the floor. We see it's the man from the trio earlier, with blood running from his mouth. The police arrive, and the suspects are gathered. Inspector Megure starts to question them, when out of the blue, Shinichi Kudo appears! As everyone stares in amazement, Kazuha is not fooled. She asks him why he has so much makeup on, and run's a finger down "Shinichi"'s face to wipe some of it off. Heiji wipes the rest off to reveal his small joke, and life continues as before. As they are left with this murder to solve, Conan can't help but make looks at The Black Clothed Knight.

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