The Desperate Revival: Shinichi's Return
inochigake no fukkatsu: kaettekita Shinichi

A few days after the school play, Ran wait anxiously for Shinichi as Shinichi is getting ready for his return to school. Conan comes in and it turns out that Conan is really Ai. Ai is really upset that Shinichi revealed himself at the school play. If the Organization found out about Shinichi, it could mean big trouble not only for Shinichi, but for Ai, too. Not to mention the drug Shinichi took was still in it's experimental stage.

On the way to school, it is apperant that Shinichi is still in his Conan mindset when he greets Mitsuhiko, Genta, and Ayumi like he always does. The three don't know who Shinichi is, they only know Conan. Another slip happens when he calls Ran, Ran-neechan, something that Conan uses to address Ran (cultural note: the 'neechan' used means 'older sister' and is used to refer to older girls or young women like in Ran's case. It doesn't necessarily mean there's a blood relationship involved). Ran finds this extremely weird and tells him to wake up.

At school, everyone is happy to see Shinichi and they greet him warmly. The guys rag on Shinichi being with Ran. Shinichi manages to whisper to Ran something about Beika City Building Rooftop Restaurant.

In the building, Taiji Tatsumi is shot to death in the elevator by Satoru Ooba. Tatsumi's daughter, Sakurako Tatsumi, was being kissed by Ooba at the time when Ooba killed Tatsumi. He used a silencer on the gun and loud party noises helped to keep Sakurako from realizing what was happening. After Tatsumi is killed, Ooba gives Sakurako a pink pearl neckless to coincidentally match the pink pearl earrings she is wearing.

The body is discovered, the police is called. A ruckus is made, and Shinichi hears this. It makes what Shinichi wants to tell Ran really hard because he wants to find out what is going on. Ran accepts that Shinichi wants to solve the crime and tells him to go. Shinichi goes off, telling her that he'll return soon.

Megure remineses about how when he was younger, there was a murder and a young man appeared and solved the crime, much like Shinichi does then. Sakurako finds out that her dad was murdered and is shocked. Tatsumi's cuffs are undone, a regular theif looking for money wouldn't undo a person's cuffs. Murder for quick cash is ruled out.

The police ask what time the party started, Sakurako tells them it started at 8:30. She knows this because she saw Ooba's watch when he touched her earring. Shinichi thinks this is odd, why would she know what time if Ooba used his left hand, wouldn't he touch her right ear instead of her left? Shinichi then suggests that there was something in Ooba's right hand preventing him from using his right hand. Ooba is suprised, he asks them if he is being accused of having a gun, and which Shinichi replies that no one mentions a gun. Sakurako is a bit upset over the fact that the police and Shinichi seem to be going after Ooba. At that time the gun is found in the trash chute and Megure asks if they can test Ooba for gun powder residue. Ooba consents and is taken away. Shinichi asks if Ooba and Sakurako were standing in front of the elevator when they kissed. Sakurako says yes, that her back was facing the elevator. Shinichi puts his arms around Sakurako and asks if he held her like so, and blushing, Sakurako replies yes. Shinichi thanks her and lets go. He also asks Sakurako if the earrings are from Ooba, too, which they aren't. Shinichi is now sure that the murderer is Satoru Ooba.

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