jyuuyonbanme no taagetto

"The Fourteenth Target"
Verson 2.0

I've only seen this movie 2 or 3 times now. It came into the local Japanese video store and had to rent it! But after watching it once, I had to write about it! It was a good movie! And Shin'ichi is so kakkoii in the film. He didn't show up as in Conan growing up again, but as in Ran seeing Shin'ichi in Conan or when Conan would express his true self, you know! ^_^ I got my hands on the film comics, now I have the names and everything! Joy! (There are a few things I couldn't figure out, they were words I've never even heard of before!)

But for now, here's a summary of the movie!

Someone is targeting the people around Kogoro Mouri whose name contains the numbers 13 going down to 1. Thirteen being the king and the 1 being the ace from a deck of cards. The first victim is Inspector Megure, shot while jogging in the park with a crossbow. His first name is Jyuzo, in kanji, ten and three, making thirteen. Near the where the incident occured, a strange looking knife is found, which Conan finds it familiar.

The next victim is Eri Kisaki, Ran's mom. The number 12 in a deck of cards is the Queen. Kisaki means "Queen" in English. Eri was poisoned by chocolate. Eri thought the chocolate sent to her was by Kogoro after a fight they had at a French restaurant. And there was a flower attached to her favorite brand of chocolate. Once again, Conan finds the flower familiar.

The third victim is Dr. Agasa. While Conan was over at Agasa's house, someone broke the window to the front door. When Agasa opened to door to see who did it, he was shot in the back by a crossbow when Shin'ichi tried to warn Agasa. *Note: When Conan is at Agasa's house, he isn't Conan, but Shin'ichi.* The motorist left behind something that resembled an infinity symbol. The number 11 if found in Dr. Agasa's first name, Hiroshi. Hiroshi is spelled the same as 'hakase' meaning scientist, or the Dr. in front of Agasa's name. Aoyama Gosho purposely made Agasa's first name have the same spelling as his title. Anyways, the 11 in Agasa's name is from the 'shi' in Hiroshi. 'Shi' is composed of a ten and a one, thus making 11.

Conan figures what the items left behind mean. They're from the spade king, queen, and jack in playing cards. The king is holding a knife, the queen a flower, and the jack an infinity symbol. (I tried to check this, but my deck of cards have "Ah! My Goddess" all over them!) That means there is going to be 10 more victims. Their first suspect is a man that recently was paroled, Jyo Murakami. Kogoro was the one who arrested Murakami, and now that he was released, he probably wanted to have revenge on Kogoro. Kogoro is number 5, the 'go' in his name means 'five.' They have to find victim 10, 9, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1. But first victim 10, and get to him before the murdered does.

Of course, Kogoro being Kogoro, he thinks the mistress of a Club Towako, Towako Okano is the next victim. Shiratori takes Ran and Conan home. Shiratori tells Ran about the time when she was 10 years old, her mom was held hostage by Murakami, Kogoro shot Eri in the leg and when she went down, shot Murakami in the shoulder. While Kogoro, Megure, and Shiratori are staking out at the club, Conan figures out that the next victim is to be a pro golfer, Hiroki Tsuji, in his last name is the kanji for 10. Tsuji likes to fly helicopters and he was about to take off when Megure, Shiratori, and Kogoro stop the man. It turns out, he was victim 10. Somehow, the eye drops that Tsuji always uses before driving or flying a helicopter was switched with a chemical that dialates the pupil of the eyes. The sun became too bright for the man and he started to lose control. Luckly, Conan had experience flying helicopters, and with the help of the now blind pilot, Conan was able to land in the playground of his elemtary school, Teitan Elementary School. They got out in time before the thing exploded.

Kogoro couldn't figure out who victim 9 would be, but he could think of one person who could be victim 8. He was a wine taster (romaji: somurie, if anyone knows the English translation spelling of that word, please tell me!) from the French restaurant that Kogoro, Eri, Ran, and Conan went to earlier in the movie, Kohei Sawaki. At Sawaki's place, he mentions that he was invited to go to Aqua Crystal by Katsuyoshi Asahi, the man who build the place. Asahi also asked Kogoro to find a lost cat for him, and hired Kogoro. It turns out that Asahi has the kanji for 9 in his name.

Asahi built a restaurant called Aqua Crystal in the middle of the harbor. When Conan, Ran, Kogoro, Megure and Shiratori arrive, 4 other characters arrive also, claiming they received invitations from Asahi. Nana Osanai (7), Eimei Shishido (6), Peter Ford (4, it's the phonetic sound of his name that makes him the 4th victim), and Minoru Nishina (2).

As they wait, Megure explains to them that Murakami is after everyone that knows Kogoro with numbers in their name. It turns out that everyone has something in their name that has to do with numbers, including Shiratori. His first name, Ninzaburo, had the kanji for 3 in it. Ran and Conan don't have numbers to their names. But victim number 1 is missing.

While they wait around, it starts to become obvious that something is wrong. A hidden trap almost killed Sawaki, but Conan noticed the trap in time to warn him.

Then after that incident, Asahi shows up...as fish food. He is in the aquarium with the 9 of spades card on his overcoat. The group decide to leave, but they find out that they're are locked in.

The next victim, Osanai, is a model. The lights go out and during the commotion, she gets stabbed in the back. Her nails glow in the dark because of the nail polish that was given to her by Asahi as an invitational gift. Someone kicks over the can that Conan placed on the floor.

After the lights go back on, Conan figures out that who ever has the stain on his pants from his drink is the murderer. He also figures out that the murder is right handed, not left, Murakami is left handed. He decideds to carry out an experiment on something he saw one of the victims do. So, he serves mineral water the the group. They all drink it commenting how the water tastes wonderful. Conan figures out who the real murderer is.

Then the place explodes and the lights go out again. The back up light comes up and then the place explodes again, this time, it takes out the glass protecting the group from the aquarium water surrounding them. All of them make it to a small area with air, but Ran is missing. Her foot is stuck underneath a car. Conan goes to the rescue. He grabs a floating bottle and fills it with air before going under. When he reachs Ran, he puts the bottle in her mouth to give her air. In order rescue Ran, the car had to be lifted. Conan tries to lift it by himself, but gets his foot stuck instead. In his struggle, Conan loses the air in his mouth and falls unconscience. Rans saves Conan by giving the air that he gave Ran back to him. It's a kiss! Okay, sort of... Anyways, Conan wakes up and uses his suspenders to lift up the car. Kogoro comes and grabs Ran and they swim back up to the surface, followed closely behind by Conan. Ran thanks Conan for rescuing her and Conan turns red and goes under. (He was so cute!)

Because of the blast, there is now an opening for them to leave by, but they had to swim underwater. But Nishina couldn't swim. So Shishido help him to the surface. They all made it to the surface outside and climbed up onto the sunken building. Nishina stopped breathing, so Sawaki offered to give CPR. Then Conan, using Kogoro's voice, told Shiratori to do it instead. Shiratori gave CPR and the man was saved.

Conan shoots Kogoro with the stun-gun wrist-watch (as given in English in the movie, lucky). And explains to all who the real suspect is.

First of all, it couldn't have been Murakami, because the person who killed Osanai is right handed. No one stabbes anyone with their weaker hand. Murakami is left handed. Conan tells them that the murder is still in their group. Of course, this stuns the group. He tells them that the real murderer is Sawaki. Conan noticed Sawaki tasting chili powder, something that wine tasters wouldn't do because that would ruin their palate. It meant that he had a disorder that would make the person lose their sense of taste. In order to make sure his theory was correct, Conan served everyone a cup of water, with the one to Sawaki a cup of salty water. He also tells everyone that in his pockets should be the proof. Sawaki checks his pockets and out comes a wine bottle cork with the graffiti that Osanai painted with her nail polish. And Conan finally tells them that Sawaki should have on him the ace of spades, Kudo Shin'ichi's card (the number 1 is in his name)!

Now the reason why Sawaki tried to kill everyone. Tsuji, Asahi, Osanai, and Nishina caused him stress and injury. About 3 months ago, Osanai ran him over in her car, it was a hit and run. Tsuji was almost killed because he made fun of him at a party four months before. Asahi was killed because of work related stress. And Nishina was almost killed because he wrote a book about wine that was totally wrong. All this caused him so much stress that he lost his ability to taste wine. He wanted them dead, the source of his problem and he didn't care if he died along with them in the process. Where did Murakami and Kogoro fit in? Right after Murakami was released, he went to visit Kogoro, not for revenge, but to apologize. Kogoro wasn't there at the time, he was out playing mah jong. At the bottom of the stairs to the office, Sawaki met Murakami and he pretended to know Kogoro as a friend. Sawaki invited Murakami to his place where Murakami told Sawaki of everything. Seeing a chance for revenge and making it look like it was done by someone else, he killed Murakami. Now that everyone knew the truth, Sawaki grabbed Ran, who is really out of it right now, and uses her as hostage. He heads up to the top of the tower where a helicopter is waiting. Conan, Kogoro, Megure, and Shiratori follow. At the top, a face of ensues. Shiratori is the only one with a gun, but his hands are shaking, if he was to fire, he might hit Ran. Sawaki tells Shiratori to toss the gun toward his way and makes Conan bring the gun to him. Conan picks up the gun, and he realizes why Kogoro shot Eri. Conan takes aim at Sawaki and fires. (Shin'ichi looked really kakkoii when he did it! Shin'ichi's image overlapped Conan's) Ran goes down, now a useless weight to Sawaki. While Sawaki is confused, Shiratori and Kogoro charge at him and he goes down. Because of the blasts, the tower is now heavily leaning, and Ran begins to slide down. Conan grabs and stops her decent.

The reason why Conan shot Ran, and why Kogoro shot Eri when Murakami had her as hostage, was not to capture the suspect, but was to protect the hostage. If the hostage was injured, then it would just be weight and the hostage would be disgarded. Ran told Kogoro that she felt that Shin'ichi was protecting her, and Conan/Shinichi says (not to her of course) that if it wasn't for her, then he wouldn't have been able to save her.

After the ending credits, Ran asks why Eri left Kogoro 10 years ago. Eri replies that that night after the hostage, Kogoro complained about how terrible Eri's cooking was. She got really angry, after all she was injured and she tried to cook for him. They had a really big argument and Eri left.

The End

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