Count Down to Heaven
tengoku he no kauntodaun
Theater release date: 2001

If you want to see a bigger resolution of the poster, click on the above image. Not much information so far, but the text above says, "The Biggest Conflict of the Series! The MIB have finally begun to move..."

Summary by George Gee.

The story opens with Conan, the processor, and the detective boys gang plus - Genta, Mitsuhiko, Ayumi and Ai driving to a camping trip. Later that night, Ai is seen by Genta making a phone call to someone and the call is either being monitored (not clear here) or Ai is talking to one of the men in black about something going on in the twin towers building. Upon return to the city, they stop in front of the newly built twin towers building only to run into Ran, Sonako, and Ran's father. Ran's father had been invited to the complex for some reason. Later the group rides up in a elevator built onto the outside of the building and take it first upstairs to meet with one of the programers who makes video games. They try out a new video game which will predict what they will look like in 10 years. First Ayumi and the Professor tries it, then Genta and Mitsuhiko, followed by Ran and Sonako. Ai and Conan says NO, but they were forced onto the chairs by Rans father and Genta and Mitsuhiko. Then the the computer says "ERROR" on their attempts. Conans sighs a luckey since both didnt want anyone to see what they looked like after 10 years; especially not to Ran. ------------ The visitors then go to the 75th floor to were a grand party is being planned and they meet some of the other guests. One is a famous painter of Mount Fugi landscapes, the other maybe his assistant and some other speculator (maybe some bigwig?). Upon arrival on the floor by 2 workers, Conan overhears them talking about a fancy black car and men in black driving it. He then rushes down the elevator to try and catch them but they drive off by then. As the time goes by, the first of 3 main murders happen. First across in one of the double towers hotel, the bigwig (whatever) then the computer programmer and finally the female assistant who was giving an introduction to the famous painters latest works.


** I could give you details on the murders and clues; but its all from memory, so if you havent seen it and need more; let me know and i will try to reconstruct it in my mind.)


As the latest mystery murder unfolds, suddenly the building electrical room is blown up in one of the towers and a fire is spreading. The drama begins to highten as first conans friends who get off the elevator a few floors down when it stops for a mother and child; they get off and say they will use the stairs to the bridge? In the meantime, as the elevator is going down the side of the building with Ran, conan and a bunch of other ladies; conan suspects something is wrong and using his magnifier glasses; sees Gene (man in black) aiming a snipper laser rifle at Sonako (who changed her hair style because of the comments made when she played that game) and now resembles the older AI from a distance. Spoting the laser he yells something at Sonako who panics and looks down just as the bullet smaches the elevator controls locking it between floors with a raging fire beneath them. Conan, calls to Ran to help him kick out the cover of the roof where he climbs up and uses his watch flashlight find the elevator doors to pry open. He does not have the strength, but Ran did. After helping the other pasengers out of the elevator, they all rush down the stairs to reach one of the mid towers crossing bridges (one on the 44th floor and one on the 62nd (??) floor). As they are racing towards the bridge, the other man in black explodes some bombs which causes the bridge to colapse. Making things worst the conans friends were just about to cross the other bridge when they find themselfs also stranded on the higher floors with no way down. The story gets more intense as fire rages on both sides of were ran and conan have gotton stranded. With little thoughts and alot of compassion towards conan; she grabs the firehose and wraps it around a broken steel grider and the other end around herself and conan. With father now seeing her standed; the next thing he sees is Ran jumping off the building. She then trys to swing and smach open the window of the floor before the fire burns thru the hose at the last minute. They then race downstairs to the street level as pieces of the building collapse under them. As Conan relizes the gang is not around; he calls to them on the badges and finds out they are stranded outside one of the bridges. Conan, then runs to the car and grabs his skateboard and races up to the 62nd floor. He then grabs the flashlight of a fireman and powers up his skateboard for a flying leep to the other building. He of course makes it; but his skateboard breaks into two pieces. Moments after it crashes he calls to the inspector on his cell phone telling him to rush a helicopter to the flight deck of the tower. The gang then heads back up the stairs to the roof while conan and ai stop off on the 75th floor to resolve the murder and mystery. While this is going on, conan explains to ai why he suspected this was Gins work (black gang). As the rest of the gang is waving at the helicopter, Gens partner dentonates another explosive which destroys the landing area and all chances of excape. The gang returns to the 75th floor as they soon discover, Gene was not thru and had wired the 75th floor to explode. Conan then works out a possible plan which requires a split second timing since caluclations show that they needed 30 seconds to clear the explosion to a pool located in the twin towers below. The problem was the weight and acceleration of just the racing car which by conisidence Rans father won (got luckey). Ai computes that they would fall short; but conan pops open the back of the truck and Mitsuhiko explains conans idea of setting up a backdraft to push the car faster. Conan by the way had to knock out the painter with his needle gun since he was about to commit sucide. So he put him, and the gang they start the count down to escape.


Note, i should point out that when the gang was in the car heading back to tokyo or which ever city had the towers; they had to play some kind of game to kill time. Mitsuhiko had a stop watch but lost it somewhere later (dont know when) in the story and later both Ai and conans batterys run down so they dont have a timmer. In the game, they had to play; each tried to get as close to 30 seconds as possible. Ayumi hit it on the mark and everyone else was over. The reason will become ovious later how Ayumi did it. This is sorta central to the ending.


Back to the ending, Ayumi had to be the timer and when everyone asked if she could do it; she said if she was with conan (words unsure) she could. In the meantime Ai, would count off from the dedinator and Ayumi would start at 30 seconds. As it nears 30 seconds, Genta and Mitsuko relize that Ai was not going to make it back. Genta, then jumps out of the car; grabs Ai, runs back to the car; thows her to Mitsuko; just as the car races out the window. To makes matters worst, as they are flying accross the air, Ai, slips out of the car and Mitsuko is trying to hold on. Conan notices that Ai will be smatched on the foutains crystal shards as they land; so removing the helment off Ayumi, conan then power kicks the helment towards the crystal; smatching inches before Ai would have hit it.


They hit the waters of the pool and all ends well. well, all ends well except for poor rans father who realizes that the car is the one he just won and its sinking in the pool.

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