Ahhh, the finer things in life....are the silly stuff!!!

This is a little list that Helenchan thought up of....I added a few of my own, too. If you can think of more, then please, feel free to e-mail me!

Six new 'you knows' were added thanks to Cherie! Arigato! See if you can find them!

More new "you know's" from Pablo Dominguez! Doomo!

One more "you know's" was added courtesy of James Lee! Muchas gracias!

Two more "you know's" was added courtesy of El Mangaman! Muchas muchas gracias! Yo no hablo espaņol, pero yo hablo ingles y japones :)

I recently got a new computer, for those who don't have theirs up, it's stuck on my old computer still. Gomennasai!

Now, on with the show!!!!

You Know You're A Detective Conan Fan When....

34. ...you forget that Conan was the name of a comic book brainless hero too, called "Conan the Barbarian", very popular in Europe and in USA.

33. ...you enjoy the mystery of the stories and don't go immediately to the last page to read the case solution.

32. ...a friend lends you one comic book and after reading it you feel you need to read them all.

31. ...you start observing everything.

30. ...you only read mysteries.

30. ...you yell "soudattanda!" when you figure something out.

29. ...you see some mistake anywhere and you want to fix it so bad because they spelled your favorite character's name wrong or something.

28. ...you try to solve the case after reading each page, trying to be faster than Conan.

27. ...you try to solve mysteries in newspapers or something with your observation and deduction.

26. ...you think about a perfect crime that Conan couldn't solve (of course you don't commit the crime after planning it).

25. ...you call your boyfriend Shinichi, or call your girlfriend Ran.

24. ...you try writing conan fanfic or trivia questions.

23. ...you start drawing Conan characters on every white sheet of paper you see.

22. ...You wonder what would happened if Sherlock Holmes had been helped by Shinichi Kudo or Conan Edogawa.

21. ...you dress up like Conan for fancy party.

20. ...you force your friend to dress up as the Conan other characters for fancy party.

19. ...you are the first to get a new op/ed theme song for conan (especially Two-Mix).

18. ...you know all the op and ed theme songs by heart.

17. ...you almost hyperventilate while quickly skimming through a new volume of the manga.

16. ...you get mad when someone spills a little drop of water onto your Conan comics.

15. ...you get mad when there isn't any conan fanart in anime magazines.

14. ...you get mad when no one knows conan in your anime club.

13. ...you think,"when I have child, I'll name him Conan."

12. ...your internet stuff (like e mail, site address, etc.) has something to do with conan.

11. ...you try to convince people that conan wasn't copied from kindaichi, but in fact, vice versa.

10. ...you try to convince people that conan is better than kindaichi.

9. ...you would reeeally like to get a replica of one of conan's gadgets.

8. ...you try make an alias by using mystery authors' or characters' names.

7. ...you start taking karate lessons so maybe someday you can kick butt like Ran.

6. ...you tried to create the drug that shrunk conan to live adventures like him.

5. ...you gave horse sedatives to a detective in order to figure out by yourself the answer to a murder.

4. ...you think the clever four-eyes boy next door was shrunk by the same drug that shrunk Shinichi.

3. ...you believe the Gin and Vodka are after you.

2. ...you know for a fact that there is a drug called APTX 4869 that either causes people to die or to shrink....'cause you've taken it and lived to tell about it.

And The Number One Reason You Know You're A Detective Conan Fan Is....

...there is absolutely no doubt in your mind that everything Gosho Aoyama puts down in Detective Conan is the truth...just the names and the places have been changed to protect those involved...

The End

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